How We Got Here

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  • Nov 14, 1360

    John Gifford

    John Gifford
    My oldest relative is John Gifford, born in 1360 in Yeo, Devon, England. His family stayed in Devon from 1360 to around 1601.
  • Thomas Hatch

    Thomas Hatch, ( who is a descendant of the Gifford's) came to Barnstable, Barnstable Country, Massachussetts. "From GENEALOGY & HISTORY OF THE HATCH FAMILY......
    Beginning on page 3 . .Thomas HATCH was born about 1603 and lived in Dorchester, Yarmouth and Barnstable, MA. His orgins, prior to his arrival in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, are unknown. He married a woman named Grace Lewis. He died on May 27, 1661."
  • Jonathan Hatch

    Son of Thomas Hatch and Grace Lewis.
  • Joseph Hatch

    Son of Jonathen Hatch and Sarah Rowley.
  • Joseph Hatch

    Son Of Joseph Hatch and Mercy Delano. He Moved from Falmouth, Barnstable Country, Massachusetts to Tolland, Tolland County, Connecticut. There were many Joseph Hatch's after him, up to 1773.
  • Francis Hatch

    Son of Joseph Hatech and Sally Griswold. Lived in Penfield, Monroe Country, New York.
  • Harriett N. Natch

    Daughter of Francis Hatch and Elizabeth Hotchkiss. Lived in Naples, Ontario County, New York.
  • Willis Yaw

    Son of Edwin Clark Yaw and Harriet N. Hatch. Lived In Baldwin, New York.
  • Edwin Clark Yaw III

    Edwin Clark Yaw III
    Son of WIllis Yaw and Mabel Etta Waltz. Lived in Rochester, New York. He married Georgia MIldred Mixon and lived in Jackson, Michigan.
  • Georgia Ann Yaw

    Daughter of Edwin Clark Yaw and Georgia MIldred Mixon. Lives in Carrollton, Texas.
  • Richard Kenneth Steele

    Richard Kenneth Steele
    Son of Richard Kenneth Steele and Georgia Ann Yaw. Born in Garden Grove, California. Went to Texas Tech for college and got a job in Carrollton, Texas.
  • Thomas Steele

    Son of Richard Steele and Carol Diaz. Lives in Carroltton, Texas.