history of the first airplane

By umerb
  • glider

    1902 glider was the first powered, hevier than air glider flight, but had major failures
  • patent

    9 months before the famos flight that took place in december, a patent was requested for the biplane design
  • second flyer flight

    second flyer flight
    this flight was powered by a new small gasoline engine. Sadly, wilbur pulled the rudder to high and the wing hit the beach, causing major damage.
  • repaired flight

    repaired flight
    after many repairs were made, the Wright brothers had their first successful flight, lasting 12 seconds and traveling 120 feet.
  • 5th flight is the longest

    5th flight is the longest
    the third flight that same day was the fifth flight in the world. this flight was 852 feet and lasted 59 seconds.
  • patenet aproved

    patenet aproved
    in 1906, the patent for the "flight machine" was given to the Wright brothers, and thus, the flying machine was theirs