history of the atom

  • 340

    democitus 340 B.C

    He discovered that the atom was made up of different parts. He ask question to different people. He thought the atom looked very colorful and had a different shape. www.nobeliefs.com/atom.htm
  • Dalton 1803

    matter is made of atoms, atoms are indivisible and indestructable
    atoms cant be created or destroyed. he found this from evidence of prior expirments
  • Thomson 1897

    he discovered the electron alos found that the atom is not indivisable it can be split into smaller pieces- electrons, neutrons, and protons. he found this by observation of prior expirments
  • Rutherford

    he realized that almost all of the mass of an atom comes from the center of the atom (nucleous) while musch smaller peices orbit the center (electrons) he had to present a paper and he revised his prior expirment
  • Bohr

    electrons can only move in a fixed orbit and never lose energy low energy electrons orbit closer while higher energy electrons orbit farther away. he refined rutherfords theory
  • Schrodinger 1924

    to view a electron in orbit you must shine a wavelength of light on the electron it must be smaller then the electrons wavelength
    small wavelength of light has a high energy the electrons will absorb that light energyhe refined hisenburgs theory
  • aristotle 384 B.C

    He discover that there were selement. He reached more of his atomic therom and tryed it him self. http://www.ausetute.com/atomichist.html
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