History of The Atom

  • 360

    Aristotle Jan 1 360 BC

    Aristotle Jan 1 360 BC
    He said that atoms were made up of foure element: fire,water,air, and earth. The atoms had certain properties depending on what they were made of. He created a method of gathering scientific facts and recording them methodically. It contradicts Democritus by thinking that atoms had four properties: hotness,dryness,wetness, and coldness. He had a connections with Democritus because he admired him. The atom looks like a square and in front of it a diamond and inside that a square
  • Period: 360 to

    Timespan of The Atom

  • 410

    Democritus 410 BC

    Democritus 410 BC
    He said that all matter is made up of atoms which are tiny, indivisible particles. Atoms were solid and eternally in motion and every differnt type of atom is different slightly. His atom contradicts Aristotle's becasue his theory is that the atom because his atoms were not based on the four elements. His atom is spherical. He has a connection with Aristotle because that was the person who admired him.
  • 470

    Democritus circa 470 BC

    Democritus circa 470 BC
  • Antoine Laviosier

    Antoine Laviosier
    He created the theory of coversion of mass. The theory is that matter can't be created nor destroyed. He showed that compunds are just combinations of atoms. His theory supports Democritus's theory by supporting that atoms are indivisible. His atom is basically a copy of Democritus. He has a connection with John Dalton because he provided crucial infromation for John Dalton's model.
  • John Dalton

    John Dalton
    He combined all of Lavoiser's work and Democritus's work into a single atomic theory. His thory was that all mater is made of idivisible and indestructible atoms.All atoms are identical, a compuond is a combonation of elements, and a chmeical reaction is an rearrangement of atoms. It enhacens the theories of Lavoiser and Democritus. The atom looks like Democritus's atom. He has a connection with Lavoiser and Democritus because his theory is a combination of both of them.
  • John Dalton's Atom

    John Dalton's Atom
  • Henri Becquerel

    Henri Becquerel
    He discovered radioactivity. It helped figure out what happened when atoms were affected and then observed. He dosen't contradict anything. He is doing something different then the previous models. The atom looks different than a regular ones we have seen previously because it is being affected by radioactivity. He has a connections with the Curries because he shared a Nobel Prize with them.
  • J.J. Tohmson

    J.J. Tohmson
    He realized there were smaller particles called electrons. He created the plum pudding model which added negatively charged electrons to the positively charged solid part of the atom. It contradicts all previous scientists because they had just discovered the atom and that it was the smallest particle. The atom looks like an atom but, if you look deeper you see electrons. He has a connection with Ernest Rutherford because he was Rutherford's teacher.
  • Max Planck

    Max Planck
    He created the quantam theory. It doesn't contradict or enhance previous models. The atom looks like an atom with electrons based on his theory. He has a connection with Bohr becasue later on Bohr used this to create his atom.
  • Marrie and Pierre Currie

    Marrie and Pierre Currie
    The enhanced the understanding of radioactivity by discovering radium and polonium. This helped show what happened when atoms were affected and observed. Their model enhances Henri's radioactivity research. The atom looks like Henri's except more advanced because of their enhanced research of radioactivity. They have a connection with Henri because they share a nobel prize.
  • Robert Millikan

    Robert Millikan
    He discovered the charge of the electron in his Oil Drop Experiment. He did it with the aid of Harvey Fletcher. He enhaced the model of J.J. by finding the exact charge of the electron. The atom looks like Thomson's but more detailed electrons, He had a connection with Thomson because he enhaced his theory but, didn't have a direct conneection.
  • Ernest Rutherford

    Ernest Rutherford
    He performed an experiment where he shot alpha particles at gold foil and he expected them to pass right through but, some bounced back and he created the planetary model, which showed that most of the mass of an atom was concentrated in the nucleus. He contradicted Thomson's model by showing that most of the mass was in the nucleus. The atom looked like a bigger nucleus and electrons orbiting it. He had a connection with Thomson because he was a student of J.J. Thomson.
  • Niels Bohr

    Niels Bohr
    He said that electrons had quantirfied amounts of energy using Planck's quantum theorem. He created a new model of the atom where the electrons travel around the nucleus in orbits that are determined by their energy levels. He enhaced Planck's work by saying electrons had quantified amounts of energy. The atom looks like an atom with electrons spinnig around it. He had a connection with Ernest Rutherford becasue he consulted and looked up to him
  • Henry Mosely

    Henry Mosely
    He created Mosely's law.This law says that there is a systematic relationship between the energy of a given element and its atomic number. This enhaced the periodic table and Bohr's modle of quantinized energy. His atom looked the same as the previous atom(Erwin's atom). He has a connectio with Bohr but, it is not a direct one.
  • Erwin Schrodinger

    Erwin Schrodinger
    He created the Schrodingr equation. This allowed the motion of the electron to be determined more accurately. He enhaced the accuracy of Bohr's model. The atom looked like Bohr's except more accurate. He had a connection with Planck because he succeeded him at the Friedrich Wilhelm University.
  • James Chadwick

    James Chadwick
    He discovered the neutrally charged neutron and the discovery that later on led to the atomic bomb.He enhanced Bohr’s model by adding neutrons to the nucleus of the atom. The atom looked the like Bohr's but with neutrons in the enlarged nucleus. He had a connection with Rutherford because he studied with him at Manchester College and Cambridge.
  • Plum Pudding Atom(Thomson)

    Plum Pudding Atom(Thomson)
  • Werner Heisenberg

    Werner Heisenberg
    He created the uncertainty principle, which contradicted the accuracy of Bohr’s model. He kept the idea of quantized energy in electrons, but he had taken aweay the ability to predict where they will be. The atom had 4 electron clouds and a tiny nucleus. He had a connection with Planck because he looked up to him as a mentor.
  • Planetary Atom(Rutherford)

    Planetary Atom(Rutherford)
  • Bohr Atom

    Bohr Atom
  • Electron Cloud Atom(Heisenberg)

    Electron Cloud Atom(Heisenberg)
  • Aristotle