History of Rock and Roll

  • Buddy Holly and Bob Montgomery form the Duo "Buddy and Bob"

    Buddy Holly and Bob Montgomery form the Duo "Buddy and Bob"
    Buddy and Bob: Down the Line In 1952, he met Bob Montgomery at Hutchinson Junior High School. They shared an interest in music, and teamed up as "Buddy and Bob". Initially influenced by bluegrass, they sang harmony duets at local clubs and high school talent shows. the duo performed on a local radio station KDAV Sunday broadcast that made them a top local act
  • Richardson marries Adrianne Joy Fryou

  • Richardson' daughter is born

    Debra Joy, was born. Earlier that year Richardson had been promoted to Supervisor of Announcers at KTRM.
  • Richardson is drafted into the US army

    He did his basic traingat Fort Ord, California.He spent the rest of his two years service as a radar instructor at Fort Bliss, in El Paso, Texas
  • The Crickets open for Elvis Presly

    The Crickets open for Elvis Presly
    On October 15, 1955, Holly, along with Bob Montgomery and Larry Welborn, opened the bill for Presley in Lubbock, catching the eye of a Nashville talent scout.
  • Holly is released fom Decca records

    Decca informed Holly his contract would not be renewed. insisting, however, that he could not record the same songs for anyone else for five years
  • Holly signs with Norman Petty

    Began recording in Clovis In New Mexico. Signs with two record labels with two contracts which caused controversy over who owned the material.
  • Crickets Play the Apollo Theater

    Holly helped win over an all-black audience to rock and roll/rockabilly
  • Holly Marries Maria Elena Santiago

    They married in Lubbock on August 15, 1958, less than two months later
  • Dion and the Belmonts sign with Laurie records

    After an unsuccessful single on Mohawk Records in 1957, the group signed with Laurie Records in early 1958
  • Dion and the Belmonts First major tour

    Their first major tour was with The Coasters, Buddy Holly, and Bobby Darin.
  • Dion refuses offer to fly to the Winter Dance Party

    Dion decided that he couldn't afford the 36 dollars for a ticket, and didn't fly.
  • Holly dies in plane crash

    Holly was flaying in a small plane to the Winter Dance Party, when it crashed five miles west of the airport.
  • Ritchie Valens dies

    Nalens dies in a plane crash
  • Dion and the Belmonts Single "A Teenager in Love" breaks top ten

    broke the Top Ten, reaching No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 28 on the UK Singles Charts.
  • Richardson gets hired full time as a disc jockey

    Hired full time at KTRM