History of Pornography

  • 26,000 BCE

    The Venus of Willendorf

    The Venus of Willendorf
    Oldest recorded pornographic material.
    Many historians believe that having lots of fat was the ideal beauty standard, as it showed you had lots of food and resources.
  • 2000 BCE

    Kangjiashimenji Petroglyphs

    Kangjiashimenji Petroglyphs
    Drawn on cave walls in Northern China
    First depiction of sex in history
  • 2000 BCE

    Babylonian Statue

    Babylonian Statue
    The depiction of Anal Sex shows that the Babylonians knew about contraception and how babies were made. Other ancient civilizations did not know this.
  • 79

    Lupanar of Pompei

    Lupanar of Pompei
    Very detailed wall drawings. Pompei was extremely sexual. Legal prostitution, sex slavery, and open orgies were commonplace. Drawings were representative of the society.
  • 120 days of Sodom

    120 days of Sodom
    First erotic literature. Seen as a possible origin of BDSM, Novel had rape and torture of teenagers. Officially published in 1905. (Porn has been problematic for a while)
  • Le Coucher de la Mariee

    Le Coucher de la Mariee
    First pornographic film. Produced in France. It was just a woman doing a strip tease for a couple minutes, but it still became a modest success.
  • Playboy

    Company peaked in terms of magazine sales in 1971 with 7 million issues sold. Articles and interviews were in the magazine, along side nude models. Marilyn Monroe was the first cover. Magazine ended in 2020.
  • Boys in the Sand

    Boys in the Sand
    First gay male pornographic film. Straight and lesbian films have been produced by decades at this point.
  • Deep Throat

    Deep Throat
    First pornographic film to become mainstream. Had a $20,000 budget, but grossed $40 million. Started the "Golden Age" of porn. Linda Lovelace, the star of the movie, stated she was forced to do the movie by her abusive husband.
  • Sex.com

    First ever porn site. It would be another decade until Fabian Thylmann would have a monopoly on the biggest sites.
  • MindGeek

    Biggest porn company ever. Owns the majority of sites, production companies, bandwidth, and revenue.
  • OnlyFans

    Porn users can now interact directly with creators. Anybody can be a pornstar now. Users can request personalized videos from creators and message them directly, all for a monthly subscription fee.