History of Microbiology

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  • Van Leeuwenhoek murio y revelo avances muy importantes

    Van Leeuwenhoek murio y revelo avances muy importantes
    Van Leeuwenhoek reveló el mundo microscópico a los científicos de la época y es considerado como uno de los primeros en proporcionar descripciones precisas de protozoos, hongos y bacterias.
  • Electron microscope

    Electron microscope
    the electron microscope was developed and perfected, cultivation methods for viruses were also introduced, and the knowledge of viruses developed rapidly.
  • Antibiotics

    Then, after World War II, the antibiotics were introduced to medicine
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    Microscopic organisms

    Anton van Leeuwenhoek made careful observations of microscopic organisms
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    Linneo made advances

    Linneo clasificó todas las plantas y animales conocidos de ese período y estableció las reglas para la nomenclatura.
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    Louis Pasteur perfomed experiments

    Louis Pasteur worked, He performed numerous experiments to discover why wine and dairy products became sour, and he found that bacteria were to blame
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    Golden Age of Microbiology

    Scientists seized the opportunity to further develop the germ theory of disease as enunciated by Pasteur and proved by Koch. There emerged a Golden Age of Microbiology during which many agents of different infectious diseases were identified. Many of the etiologic agents of microbial disease were discovered during that period, leading to the ability to halt epidemics by interrupting the spread of microorganisms.
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    Viruses controlled

    such viral diseases as polio, measles, mumps, and rubella came under control.