History of Marco Polo

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  • 1254

    Maro Polo Born (1254)

    Marcos father was not around when he was born. He was traveling for Kublai Khan.
  • 1271

    Marco Polo Joins in Family Business (1275)

    They travel to the Court of Kublai Khan.
  • 1275

    Traveled the Silk Road of China. (1275-1291)

    Marco and his family traveled the Silk Road. A major trading route through China and to Europe. Marco was on a information finding mission for the Khan.
  • 1292

    Marco Accompanied a Mongol Princess. (1292)

    The princess was being escorted west. This was also the end of Marcos service to Kublei Khan.
  • 1295

    Return to Venice and A War (1292-1295)

    A war with Genoa was taking place when Marco returned home.
    Marco became a Commander of a Galley for the Venetian Navy.
  • 1295

    Became a Prisoner (1292-1295)

    Marco became a prisoner of war, and during that time he told of his wonderful travels that took place on the Silk Road. Another prisoner recorded the story for a book.
  • 1324

    Marco Polo's Death (1324)

  • Period:
    -476 BCE

    Dark Ages (476-1453 BC)

    A period in Europe of no scientific accomplishments and no great art. It was a time of war, religion, and barbarianism. During this time also was a bright period in Asia for technologies, trade, and art.