History of Film

  • First Film ever made

    The first motion picture made was a horse galloping. It was only 5 seconds long. The reason why it was recorded was for a 25,00 dollar bet.
  • First Camera invented

    George Eastman introduces the lighter version of a camera. Using film wounds on rollers.
  • First action film made

    The Train Robbery was the 1st film released. It was about a group of bandits trying to get away from the police.
  • First Animated Cartoon

    The first cartoom made was called Hurmous Phases of Funny Faces.
  • First Movie Stunt

    A man jumps into the Hundson river from a burning ballon. This was the first Stunt preformed in a movie
  • First Comedy Movie Made

    The first comedy movie made was called Tillies Punctured Romance.
  • Warner Bros is Founded

    Warner Bros was founded in Holloywood. They later made king kon, The Jazz singer and even made Godzilla
  • First Film Ever Made with Sound

    The Film called Jazz Singer was the first and only film with sound.
  • Technicolor is invented

    George Easterman demonstrates 1st technicolor movie. This is just a colored motion picture. Used from 1922 - 1952