History of solar energy

history of energy

By richboy
  • fuel coke discovered

    fuel coke discovered
    Discovered that the roasting process used to make charcoal from wood could be adapted to coal. This resulted in an extremelyhot-burning fuel, named coke
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    history of energy

  • coal production begings

    coal production begings
    First Commercial coal production begins from mines around Richmone, VA.
  • Electrolysis Discovered

    Electrolysis Discovered
    Scientists discover that applying electric current to water produced hydrogen and oxygen gases. This was called electrolysis.
  • Standard Oil Developed

    Standard Oil Developed
    John D. Rockefeller forms Standard Oil and develops petroleum as a major energy source in the U.S. Standard Oil eventually becomes a monarchy, causing other oil industries to go out of business and being the sole provider of petroleum oil.
  • Albert Einstein Publishes Paper

    Albert Einstein Publishes Paper
    Albert Einstein publishes the first theoretical paper describing the photoelectric effect.
  • Hoover Dam Built

    Hoover Dam Built
    The world's largest hydroelectric power plant is built
  • Santa Barbara Oil Spill

    Santa Barbara Oil Spill
    Santa Barbara Oil Spill draws national attention.
  • Congree Passes Hydrogen Power Act

    Congree Passes Hydrogen Power Act
    Congress passes act to stimulate development of hydrogen power.
  • Wind Energy Development

    Wind Energy Development
    The first framework for wind energy development on U.S. outer continental shelf is announced.
  • Geothermal Energy Development Plan

    Geothermal Energy Development Plan
    U.S. announces $467 million in recovery act funding for solar energy and geothermal energy development