History of Elements

By Athiyut
  • 6 BCE

    Job 28

    Job 28
    Since humans were humans silver, gold, Iron and copper were known. I think these items were known due to God hinting it in the bible and with the power of men who discovers it on earth.
  • 6 BCE

    The Tabernacle

    The builders used wood bronze gold and silver to build the tabernacle.
    Bronze is an element that contains zinc primarily but also contains about 12% tin. Bronze was used for the horn on the altar because it symbolizes the power of person or a nation. Functional reason for the bronze altar is that bronze punch holes in bacteria which can kill them or slow them down.
  • 6 BCE

    Johann Dobereiner

    Johann Dobereiner
    Dates of life: 1780-1849
    His patterns of element were the triads which put together three elements that are similar in reactions and appearance. At the time Döbereiner discovered that the relative atomic mass of the middle element in each triad was close to the average of the relative atomic masses of the other two elements, so he put all three similar elements together.
  • 6

    Dmitri Mendeleev

    Dmitri Mendeleev
    Date of publication: 1869 Please check the document due to the words limit I am unable to paste the information on this timeline THANKS!
  • John Newlands

    Dates (of life)
    November 26, 1837 - July 29, 1898
    What did he discover about patterns of elements?
    He discovered that the atomic structures of elements share almost the same chemical properties.
    How did he discover it?
    He discovered it by noticing that every 8th element in the grouping are similar with the music intervals.
  • Sir William Ramsay & Lord Raleigh

    Sir William Ramsay & Lord Raleigh
    The two discovered a noble gas called argon and more gas elements. They discovered that by finding the density of nitrogen extracted from the air is always more than the nitrogen releasing from other various chemicals. Technology is important to find this data because you cannot just use your bare hands or eyes to see the density of gasses in the air. After that the noble gas branch was added into the periodic table.
  • Marie Curie

    Marie Curie
    When did he/she live or discover the element(s)?
    Marie Curie 1898
    Which elements did he or she discover?
    Radium, Polonium
    Briefly (2-3 sentences) how did he or she discover these elements?
    She discovered that uranium rays caused the air around to conduct electricity. Using this technique she find out that the activity o the uranium compounds only depends on the quantity of the uranium.
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  • Henry Mosely

    Henry Mosely
    What did he discover about patterns of elements / the periodic table?
    He published the results of his measurements of the wavelengths of the x-ray spectral lines of the numbers of elements, which shows that the wavelengths orders of the x-ray emissions of the elements coincided with the ordering of the elements by atomic number.
    How did he discover it?
    He used Antonius Van Den Broek hypothesis for his experiments and used atomic numbers instead of atomic mass as organizing elements.
  • Glenn Seaborg

    1937 to 1939
    He discovered a bunch of new radioactive elements called Transuranium. He also discovered the actinide concept which can predict chemical properties, isolation and placement of these and many heavier elements from the periodic table.He discovered it by finding out that 14 elements are heavier than actinium and are closely related but belongs to a separate group in the periodic table. He founded 8 more new elements and moved 14 elements in the periodic table.
  • Rutherfordium

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