history of airplanes

  • The First Airplane

    The First Airplane
    wilbur and Orville Wright built the first airplane,but had to observe before building. They had to do a lot of experiments from 1899-1902.
  • Golden Age of Flight

    Golden Age of Flight
    Air races and daring record-setting flights dominated the news. Planes evolved to steamlined metal monoplanes,military embraced air power and aviation came of age.
  • SS Bon Homme Richard

    SS Bon Homme Richard
    The jet was perfected throughout the decade, providing the first-ever jet-versus-jet duel over the skies of Korea.
  • 747 Jumbo jet

    747 Jumbo jet
    They thought maybe it was too big to fly,people expected it to crash because it was so big. It is the most succesful plane ever, and those people were all proven wrong.
  • 747200

    It can carry 100 tons over the Atlantic Ocean. it was a cargo plane and a passenger plane.
  • AH-64-Apache

    This is a war plane that is very good,and is still flying today. It has helped in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • Short vertical take-off and landing

    Short vertical take-off and landing
    SVTOL or Short vertical take-off and landing was invented so that planes don't need such long runways.
  • Waverider X51A

    Waverider X51A
    Waverider X51A Hypersonic Aircraft can fly from New york to Los Angelos in less than an hour.
  • Autonomous Airplane

    Autonomous Airplane
    With new programming, Autonomous Airplanes can navigate on the plane with no GPS. Notebook computer is strapped to a specially designed laser-equipped airplane that can find itself.
  • wi-fi on airplanes

    wi-fi on airplanes
    This week the folks at United Aircraft let it be known that they will have wi-fi on their planes. Workers spoke up about the service, and said,"with this new service,we continue to build the airline that people want to fly.