• Jan 10, 1176

    comon sence

    . pamphlet inspires more colonistscto become patriotes
    everything that is right or reasonqblec please
  • boston tea party

    .members of son of libity dump over 340 chest of tea
  • first continrntal congress

    . all colonies but georgia have represntatives
    . voted to send a statement of grievanes
    .voted to boycott all british trade
    . patrick henry va rep urged colonists to unite against britain
  • 1,000 of redcoats in boston

    general gage brings thoustands of britshsoldiers to boston with ore on the way
  • midnight ride of paul revere

    paul revere rides to warn the sons of liberty in lexington and concord that the british are coming the british are coming
  • battles of lexington and concord

    . battle of lexington
    1st battle of american revolutionary war
    shot hear around thw world
    british victory
    battle of concord
    americans stop british and force them to retreat back to boston
    american victory
  • capture of fort ticonderoga

    . benedict and arnolrd and ethan allen capture the fort
    .get all supplies in the first inclubing cannons
    ' american vitory
  • second continetal congress meet

    -print money
    set up post office
    created contineatal army led by george washington
    sent olive branch asking king to protect their rights
    king hires 30000 hessians soldiers in respones
  • battle of bunker hill

    . faught on breed hill map
    .don't fire unit you see the whites of their eyes
    . british victory americans ran out of ammunition british learn defeating americans would not be easy
  • washgton arrives on outskrirts od boston with continental troops

    realizes men are disorganixed and need discilpline