• Before 1769

    Use of wood.
  • Period: to


  • James Watt

    James invented the steam engine - using coal.
  • First steam engine train

    Could be fueled using both wood or coal, however coals density is higher, while the mass and volume is lower. Which means that more wood is needed to do the same job as a quater of that in coal.
  • Introduction to electricity

    The idea of making electricity from moving a wire in a magnetic field came from Micheal Faraday.
  • Ignacy Lukasiewicz

    Ignacy invented a method of refining crude oil to make kerosene with a even higher density then coal. However this led to many oil spills due to the form of transport over the next century.
  • Werner Siemens

    Werner then invented the dynamo that developed the posibility of a wide use of electricity.
  • Sir Charles Pearson

    Sir Charles invented the steam turbin. Electricity became an easy way to transfer energy from one place to another.