Historical Energy Events

By 392582
  • Natural Gas in Americas

    Natural Gas in Americas
    When natural gas was first discovered in Americas. Specific date is unknown.
  • Bemjamin Franklin Discovers Electricity

    Bemjamin Franklin Discovers Electricity
    Benjamin Franklin discovers electricity by tying a key to a kite string during a storm. Specific date could could not be found.
  • First Natural Gas Well

    First Natural Gas Well
    The first well specifically intended for natural gas was built in Fredonia, NY. Specific date unkown.
  • First Oil Well

    First Oil Well
    The first commercially productive iol well dug in Titusville, Pen.
  • First Long Distance Natural Gas Pipeline

    First Long Distance Natural Gas Pipeline
    First longdistance natural gas pipeline built. Its distance was five miles. Specific day unknown.
  • First Hydroelectric Power Plant

    First Hydroelectric Power Plant
    The first hydro electric power plant is built in San Bernardino, CA. Actuall date not found.
  • First Hydroelectric Dam

    First Hydroelectric Dam
    First dam built specifically to drive hydroelectric power plant. Built on Willanette River in Oregon City. Specific date unkown.
  • First Offshore Oil Well

    First Offshore Oil Well
    First oil well built offshore. Specific date unkown.
  • Coal to Oil

    Coal to Oil
    German scientist Fredrich Berguis liquefies coal into oil.
  • First Wind Turbine

    First Wind Turbine
    First wind turbine built to produce electricity. Built in Grandpa's Knob, VT.