Historical Energy Events

  • Lightning

    Benjamin Franklin attached a key to a kite to during a thunderstorm to show that the similarites of lightning.
  • Bioelectricity

    Luigi Galvani discovered bioelectricity and showed that nerves shoot signals to muscles forming some kind of action, saying this is a form of electricity.
  • The First Electric Battery

    The First Electric Battery
    Alessandro Volta created the first battery, it consisted of two electrodes, one made of zinc and the other copper.
  • First Electric Motor

    First Electric Motor
    Thomas Davenport invented the electric motor,this is used in most electrical appliances.
  • Creation of Solar Panel

    Creation of Solar Panel
    Gerald Pearson, Calvin Fuller, and Daryl Chapen were American scientists that created a solar panel with an efficiency of 6% with direct sunlight.
  • Creation of Refrigerator

    Creation of Refrigerator
    John Gorrie created the first working refrigerator.
  • Alexander Graham Bell: First Photophone

    Alexander Graham Bell: First Photophone
    He created the Photophone that allowed sound and conversion of a beam of lightto transmit. It was the first wireless phone.
  • First Hydroelectric power plant

    First Hydroelectric power plant
    First hyroelectric power plant that opened in the US in Appleton, Wisconsin.
  • Lasers

    Albert Einstein, foundation for lasers absorbtion and emmision of electromagnetic radiation.
  • First geothermal plant

    First geothermal plant
    John D. Grant creates first geothermal power plant in the US at the Geysers, Arkansas.