medival governments- hilary lee

  • Period: Jan 1, 1065 to Dec 31, 1067

    medieval goverments

  • Jan 1, 1066

    Edward the Confessor dies. Harold gambles and makes a bid for the Crown

  • Mar 1, 1066

    Tostig comes to Flanders looking for aid in his projected bid against Harold

  • Mar 6, 1066

    william starts to gather his forces

  • May 3, 1066

    Tostig makes an abortive attempt to invade England

  • May 19, 1066

    Harold calls out the English levy to defend against an expected thrust from William

  • Sep 8, 1066

    Harold has to disband the fyrd and let it go home to harvest its crops.

  • Sep 20, 1066

    Harald Hardrada and Tostig defeat the hastily assembled forces of Earls Edwin & Morcar at Fulford outside York.

  • Sep 25, 1066

    Harold scraps together a scratch force made up largely of his own housecarls and personal followers

  • Sep 26, 1066

    harold has marched 180 miles, and surprised the Norwegian army

  • Sep 28, 1066

    William's fleet makes landfall at Pevensey completely unopposed

  • Oct 1, 1066

    william is back in London and gathering what forces he could to face William

  • Oct 14, 1066

    Harold takes up a position blocking the Norman advance to London on Senlac Ridge at the site of Battle with an army of little more than 5,000 weary and footsore men.

  • Oct 26, 1066

    A state of war continues until Christmas