Henry the IV of France

  • Dec 13, 1553


    was born at Pau, the capital of Bearn,
  • Oct 1, 1570


    The treaty of St. Germain was concluded
  • Oct 1, 1570


    a marraige was proposed between Henry the IV and Margaret of Valois
  • Aug 17, 1572


    ceremony took place and a week later came the massacre of St. Bartholomew.
  • Oct 1, 1576

    great escape... another war

    He broke out of jail and put himself as head of the Huguenot party and started a war
  • finally king

    He finally took the French throne.
  • succors

    Henry received succors from England and Germany
  • former

    former was reduced
  • daughter

    He had a daughter named Louis XIII whos mother was Mary de Medici
  • death

    He was stabbed in the heart by Francis Ravaillac