Hatchet Timeline - Sims

By 98ssims
  • Broken Ankle

    Broken Ankle
    When Brian was nine years old, he was riding his bike. While riding his bike, he ran into a car and broke his ankle.
  • The Secret

    The Secret
    Brian caught his mom, cheating on his dad.
  • Plane Crash

    Plane Crash
    While poor Brian was on his way to his father's house, the pilot had a heart attck and the plane came down.
  • Heart Attack

    Heart Attack
    The pilot that was flying the plane Brian happened to be on, had a heart attack mid- flight. He dies shortly after.
  • Bear

    Brian spotted a bear.
  • Moose attack

    Moose attack
    Brian got attacked by a moose.
  • porcuppine

    While Brian was in his cave, a porcupine snuck in. When he tried to kill it, it shot it's little needles at him.
  • wolf

    Brian spotted a couple of wolves.
  • the missed plane ):

    the missed plane ):
    A plane flew over Brian and just kept going.
  • Fire

    Brian figured out how to make a fire.
  • foolbird

    Brian caught his first of many fool birds.
  • Berries

    Brian finds a gut cherry bush.
  • RESCUE.!!!!

    A plane hears Brian's rescue transmitter and rescues him.