Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

  • Retrieving Harry

    The Order of the Phoenix attempts to retrieve Harry from the Dursley's house, only to be ambushed by Death Eaters.
  • The Wedding

    The wedding of Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour is held at the burrow, but is interrupted by a Death Eater attack.
  • New Headmaster

    Severus Snape becomes the new headmaster of Hogwarts
  • Infiltrating the Ministry

    Harry, Ron, and Hermione use polyjuice potion to infiltrate ​the ministry and obtain a horcrux.
  • The Forrest of Dean

    Hermione takes Harry to the Forest of Dean, where they find the Sword of Gryffindor. They then use the sword to destroy the locket horcrux.
  • Xenophilius Lovegood

    The trio visits Mr.Lovegood and learns about the Deathly Hallows. He tries to sell the them to the ministry because his daughter, Luna, was captured. The trio barely escapes.
  • Dobby's Death

    The trio is captured by snatchers and taken to Malfoy Manor and escapes thanks to Dobby, who is killed by Bellatrix in the process.
  • The Elder Wand

    Voldemort breaks into Dumbledore's tomb and retrieves the Elder Wand.
  • Teddy Lupin

    While Harry, Ron, and Hermione are at Shell Cottage, Remus visits to inform them that his son, Teddy, has been born and asks Harry to be his godfather.
  • Breaking into Gringotts

    Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Griphook break into Gringotts, steal Hufflepuff's cup, lose Gryffindor's sword, and escape on a dragon. The trio return to Hogwarts and the school gets ready to fight Voldemort. Voldemort searches for the remaining horcruxes. Hermione and Ron destroy Hufflepuff's cup as Harry looks for Ravenclaw's ​Diadem.
  • The Battle of Hogwarts

    The final battle begins at midnight. The horcruxes are all destroyed. Snape, Fred, Lupin, Tonks, and Colin all die in the battle. Harry attempts to sacrifice himself, but survives and kills Voldemort.