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Granny's Life By Jalen Cofield

By aberela
  • Birth

    Sandra Douglass was born
  • Best Chrismas

    Best Chrismas
    Sandra gets her first manual typewriter
  • Dangerous play

    Dangerous play
    Sandra nearly drowns in Betsy Head swimming pool,Brooklyn New York by jumping into the 16 ft pool and could not swim
  • Building a family

    Building a family
    Sandra has her first child
  • Married

    First marriage
  • High School

    Sandra Graduates from high school
  • More kids

    next child it is a girl
  • Another girl

    it is Felicia
  • A boy

    Finally it is a boy
  • Best job

    Sandra goes to work for NYCDOE
  • Second marriage

    Sandra Spencer becomes Sandra Cofield
  • A blessing

    Toni Cofield comes home
  • Promotion

    Promoted to HR Generalist
  • Going back

    Returns to work as payroll secrotary
  • Collge Grad

    Collge Grad
    Sandra becomes a collge grad