Gods of Manhatten Council of 12

  • Adriaen van der Donck

    Born B.C 1618 Died 1655 Yonkers, New York was named after Adriaen. Also he was a leader in the political life of New Amsterdam. He was responsible for the war waged against Munsee Native Americans.
  • Period: to

    Gods of Manhattan

  • Caesar Prince

    Caesar Prince was involved in the Conspiracy of 1741, also known as the Negro Plot of 1741 or the Slave Insurrection of 1741, which was a supposed plot by slaves and poor whites in the British colony of New York in 1741 to revolt and level New York City with a series of fires. Historians disagree as to the existence of such a plot.
  • Alexander Hamilton

    Born January 11, 1755 or 1757 Died July 12, 1804 Was a founding father of the United States. He served as Chief of Staff to General Washington. He was one of the most influential interpreters and promoters of the Constitution, the founder of the nation's financial system, and the founder of the first American political party.
  • John Jacob Astor

    Born July 17, 1763 Died March 29, 1848 First Multi-Millionaire in U.S.
  • James Bennett Sr.

    Born September 1, 1795 Died June 1, 1872 Founder, Editor and Publisher of the New York Herald
  • Hamilton Fish

    Born August 3, 1808
    Died September 7, 1893
    Was an American statesman and politician who served as the 16th Governor of New York, a United States Senator and United States Secretary of State. Fish has been considered one of the best Secretaries of State in the United States' history, known for his judiciousness and reform efforts during the Grant Administration
  • Horace Greely

    Born February 3, 1811 Died November 29, 1872 Was an American newspaper editor, a founder of the Liberal Republican Party, a reformer, a politician, and an outspoken opponent of slavery. The New York Tribune (which he founded and edited) was the most influential U.S. newspaper from the 1840s to the 1870s and "established Greeley's reputation as the greatest editor of his day
  • Walt Whitman

    Walt Whitman Born May 31, 1819 Died March 26, 1892 Patriotic Poet that inspired Americans after the Civil War
  • Boss Tweed

    Born April 3, 1823 Died April 12, 1878 Tweed was the third-largest landowner in New York City, a director of the Erie Railroad, the Tenth National Bank, and the New-York Printing Company, as well as proprietor of the Metropolitan Hotel.
  • Dorothy Parker

    Born August 22, 1893 Died June 7, 1967 Was an American poet, short story writer, critic and satirist. She was best known for her wit, wisecracks, and eye for 20th-century urban missteps.
  • Babe Ruth

    Born February 6, 1895 Died August 16, 1948 Played a veriaty of postions for Red Sox and Yankees. Famous for his biggest record 714 home runs!
  • Zelda Fitzgerald

    Born July 24, 1900 Died March 10, 1948 Author and wife of the author of The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald.