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George Oscar French

  • getting maried

    getting maried
    Goerge finds the love of his life and is really happy it was a forced marriage which is completely normal back then.
  • George Oscar in now getting enlisted in the war

    George Oscar in now getting enlisted in the war
    Goerge is finally enlisted in the war to show his dad that he is not a scaredy-cat. George got peer pressured to join the war but is to do it to provide for his family
  • George was stationed in Vermont

    George was stationed in Vermont
    George oscar got put as an officer in Vermont and was stationed in a border state
  • My brother

    My brother
    George oscar's brother dies in combat after a long battle.George is very sad about this and leaves his post for about 3 days before returning back to his pots
  • Ranked up

    Ranked up
    George is now the general of the heavy artillery and is seeking to go higher in the ranks
  • first of many battles

     first of many battles
    George gets in a battle with 700 men and eventually wins after 1 and a 1/2 hours of shooting with having no injures whats so ever
  • battle of sheoda

    battle of sheoda
    George gets in a battle that results in 300 casualties and a lot of people dying goerge ends up winning the battle and is now a general of a army
  • First battle of connith

    First battle of connith
    George fights in this battle and gets injured and taking prisnor
  • Day in the life of a prisnor

    Day in the life of a prisnor
    Oscar says the black people do not get fed and the white people ralery do ether.George gets treated then almost starve to death
  • No longer a prisnor

    No longer a prisnor
    George and 6 other prisoners escape from the prison and manage to find some northern people and they are now safely united with there people
  • 2nd battle of coniith

    2nd battle of coniith
    George killed 54 people
  • Dies

    In the batle of conntih george gets shot in his eye then dies by KIA