George Munro Day

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In History
  • Birth of Munro

    George Munro is born in West River, Nova Scotia
  • Period: to

    The Life of George Munro

  • Munro starts teaching

    Munro starts teaching philosophy and mathematics at the Free Church Academy in Halifax.
  • Munro moves to New York

    Munro moves to New York
    Munro leaves Halifax for New York City with only a few hundred dollars to his name.
  • Munro starts publishing

    Munro starts publishing
    Munro starts working for Irwin P. Beadle and Company, a popular publishing firm in New York.
  • Munro moves up

    The Beadle publishing firm breaks up and Munro enters into a partnership with Irwin Beadle.
  • Munro takes over publshing firm

    Munro takes over ownership of the publishing company. He soon becomes rich.
  • Munro donates to Dalhousie

    Munro donates to Dalhousie
    Munro, under the influence of his brother-in-law, begins donating money to Dalhousie University.
  • The first Munro Day

    Dalhousie Unversity celebrates the first Munro Day to commemorate the man that rescued the school.
  • Munro's death

    George Munro passes away at the afe of 67.