George Inness

  • George Inness was born

    George Inness was born in NewBurge, NewYork.
  • He moved

    He and his family moved to Newark, New Jersy
  • John Jesse Barker

    George studied for sevarel months with an intinerate painter whos name was John jesse barker
  • George went to school

    George attended classes at the National Academy of Desing
  • Studio

    He opend his first art studio.
  • He got a sponser

    george got a sponser to send him to Euorpe.
  • Inness moved once more

    George Inness moved for a second time to Menfield,Massachusettes
  • Inness has won

    George earned internatinoal fame when he wongold at the Paris Exopstion.
  • Inness died

    George Inness died at Bridg of Allan in Scotland