George Bizet's Life

  • Born

    On October 25 1838 Bizet was born in Paris. His father was a hairdresser and his mother was a pianst. His mom taught him how to play the piano and he showed great intrest in music through out his childhood.
  • Period: to

    George Bizet's Life

  • First Symphony

    November 1855 Bizet wrote his 1st symphony called the Symphony in C as a student assighnment .
  • Won Prize

    1856 Bizet won a prize for writing the 'Symphony in C' . The reward was to go to Rome for 3 years, Germany for 1 year and Paris for one year.
  • Touring Around Italy

    1860 Bizet was travelling aroung Italy writing a symphony. He travelled through Rome, Venice , Florence and Naples.
  • Mother's Death

    While touring around Italy Bizet was informed his mother had a serious illness Bizet stopped travelling and retured to Paris to see his mother who shortly died after Bizet came to see her.
  • Marie Reiter Gave Birth

    June 1862 Marie Reiter , the family maid, gave birth to Jean Bizet and was believed to be Georges Half-Brother.
  • Got Married

    June 1869 Bizet got married to Genevive Halevy. Who was the daughter of a composer who taught Bizet .
  • Franco Prussian War

    The Franco Prussian War started on July 19th 1870 , Bizet and other composers joined the French National Guard . Due to this serveral of his work got held back.
  • Fled to Paris

    Because of the War , Bizet and his wife Genivive fled to Paris where Bizet assured himself he could continue with his life as a composer.
  • Birth Of Bizet's Son

    July 10th 1871 Genivive gave birth to Jacques Bizet, George Bizet's only son.
  • Jeux d'enfants

    1872 Bizet composed Jeux d'enfants a one act opera.
  • Djamileh

    May 1872 Bizet came out with another very sucessful one act opera peice called Djamileh.
  • Carmen

    1875 Bizet wrote Carmen based on a novella of the same title in 1846. It ran 37 performances in 3 months making this peice to this day the biggest sucess for Bizet.
  • Death Of Bizet

    1875 June 3rd a few miles away from Paris Bizet passed away after a swimming competition with Eli a son of a composer. Bizet felt a chill from the water which triggered sever fever prior to the heart attack , in that time even murder or suicde belived migh thave happened because they discovered a gun-shoot wound on Bizet.