Gary Soto's Life

  • Gary Soto is born

    Born in Fresno, California.
  • Death of Soto's Father

    The death of Soto's father influenced the family/father figures that were portrayed in his books, from losing his father at a young age.
  • Graduated Roosevelt High School

    Graduates high school with a 1.6 GPA and no academic motivation.
  • Graduates Fresno State College

    Fresno State is also known as California State Univerity-Fresno, he transferred from Fresno City College. Graduates college with a degree in English.
  • Graduates University of California Irvine

    Soto earns his MFA (Master of Fine Arts)
  • First Book is Published

    Soto's book "The Elements of San Joaquin" gets published.
  • Nominated for Pulitzer Prize

    Soto's "The Tale of Sunlight" was nominated for this award.
  • Receives Andrew Carnegie Medal for Film Excellence

    Receives an award for his production "Pool Party."
  • Received Tomás Rivera Book Award

    Receives award for "Chato's Kitchen."
  • Receives Hispanic Heritage Award

    Receives award for "Petty Crimes."
  • Receives Top Outstanding Alumnus Award

    Receives award from Fresno State College.
  • Gary Soto Museum Opens

    Gary Soto Museum opens at Fresno City College, but as of right now is closed.