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  • Birth of Freddie Mercury.

    Birth of Freddie Mercury.
    Freddie Mercury was born in Stone Town, Zanzibar, on September 5, 1946.
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    Freddie Mercury timeline

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  • St Peter's School.

    St Peter's School.
    At the age of seven, he was sent with his grandmother and his aunt to study at St Peter's School, a British-style boarding school for boys in India.
  • The travel to England.

     The travel to England.
    Freddie returned to Zanzibar in 1964 at the age of 18 and he moved with his family to England for the Zanzibar's Revolution.
  • The Ealing School of Art.

    The Ealing School of Art.
    He obtained the highest marks in the Isleworth Poly technie art exam and he went to the Ealing School of Art in London.
  • Freddie's first performance.

    Freddie's first performance.
    Freddie sang his first public performance on August 23, 1969, in Bolton.
  • Creation of queen.

    Creation of queen.
    The band queen was born in 1971. In this year, they did their first tour on Cornualles to have more experience.
  • The concert Live Aid.

    The concert Live Aid.
    July 13 was the day of the concert Live Aid, the best concert in the history of the rock.
  • The most successful tour.

    The most successful tour.
    In 1986, Queen did his most successful tour, Magic Tour. They went to Spain in the tour and Freddie met the spanish soprano Montserrat Caballé.
  • The disc Barcelona.

    The disc Barcelona.
    In 1987, Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé made a disc, Barcelona.
    The song Barcelona was the official anthem of the Olympic games of Barcelona in the summer of 1992.
  • Death of Freddie Mercury.

    Death of Freddie Mercury.
    On November 24, Freddie Mercury died.
    The cause of his death was a bronchopneumonia complicated by AIDS.