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  • AD 1

    Elizabeth is adopted

    Alphonse and Victor's mother adopt a young orphan from Italy. She is around the same age as Victor. (pgs.34-35)
  • AD 1

    Victor's mother and father get married

    Alphonse Frankenstein begins to watch over Caroline Beaufort after her father dies. He marries her two years later. (pgs.31-32)
  • 2

    Victor begins to read Agrippa's works

    Victor starts to study the works of Cornelius Agrippa, an alchemist. His father tells him the works are useless, but doesn't explain why, which leads to Victor's interest in science expanding. (pgs.38-39)
  • 2

    Victor witnesses a thunderstorm

    Victor was 15 when there was a large and violent thunderstorm near his house. A bolt of lightning struck 20 yards from his house and completely destroyed a nearby oak tree, which helped to grow his interests in science, especially with electricity. (pgs. 40-41)
  • 3

    Victor leaves his family to begin attending school in Ingolstadt

    Victor leaves at age 17 to university in Germany. He meets a new friend named Henry and two professors who help foster his newfound fascinations in natural sciences and philosophy. (pgs. 42-43)
  • 3

    VIctor's mother dies

    Elizabeth catches scarlet fever and her mother tends to her. She catches it as well, and Elizabeth ends up surviving while she does not. (pgs. 42-43)
  • 4

    Frankenstein begins to create his monster

    Victor begins to study decaying corpses at his university. He gradually becomes obsessed with the studies of life and death, shutting off his entire family and all of his friends. He then begins the project to create a being comprised of the dead matter from other humans and a final goal of bestowing life to his new creation. (pgs.53-55)
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    AD 1

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