Francis Cecil Sumner

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  • Lincoln University

    Sumner enrolled at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania.
  • Graduation from Undergrad

    Graduated magna cum laude with special honors in English, Modern Languages, Greek, Latin, and Philosophy.
  • Clark University

    Sumner gained a second B.A. degree from Clark University in Worchester, MA.
  • Grad School at Lincoln

    Sumner returned to Lincoln University to obtain his M.A. degree and planned to continue to get his PhD.
  • WW1

    Sumner was drafted to fight for the American army in WWI before he could continue his education
  • Wilberforce University

    Sumner took his first teaching position at Wilburforce University in Ohio.
  • PhD from Clark

    Sumner received his Ph.D. from Clark University.
  • Southern University

    During the summer of 1921, Sumner taught at Southern University in Louisiana.
  • Virginia State

    Sumner took a position as a psychology and philosophy professor in the college department at West Virginia Collegiate Institute (now Virginia State College) in the fall of 1921
  • Resignation

    Sumner resigned from Virginia State
  • Period: to

    Howard University

    Sumner became the chairmanship of the department of psychology at Howard University where he remained until his death in 1954.