Fr. Julian Tenison Woods

By pharaoh
  • Birth

    Julian Tenison Woods was born
  • Period: to

    Julian Tenison Woods' Lifetime

  • Ordained a priest

    He was ordained a priest in Adelaide in 1855 and sent to work at Parish of Penola
  • Met St. Mary MacKillop

    Julian met Mary MacKillop in Penola in 1861
  • Founded the Sisters of St Joseph

    With Mary MacKillop, he founded the Sisters of St Joseph, who were dedicated to providing Catholic Education for the poor
  • Developed a system of Catholic schooling

    Mary MacKillop and Julian Tenison Woods developed an organised system of Catholic schooling where the Sisters of St Joseph worked
  • Appointed Director of Catholic Education

    He was appointed Director of Catholic education in 1866
  • Travelled around various states and countries

    Julian Tenison Woods travelled around the world to contribute to natural science
  • Clarke Medal for distinguished contribution to Natural Science.

    Achieved this award for his scientific work
  • Death

    Julian Tenison Woods died on October 7