Fordged by Fire

  • Gerald set the appartment on fire.

    Gerald was playing with his mom's ciggarett lighter as a gun to his doll, and accidently lit the curtain on fire, and his mom wasn't home. A neighbor kid found Gerald, and Gerald was sent to the hospital. His Aunt Queen then took care of him after that.
  • Gerald's mother wants to see him.

    Gerald has been living with Aunt Queen for six years, and on his birthday his mother wants to see him and spend the time with him. His mother comes, and Gerald finds out his mother is married to Jordan, and he has a little sister, Angel. His mother leaves for a little while and when she gets back, Aunt Queen died. Gerald has to move in with his mother.
  • Jordan is very abusive.

    Gerald has been living with Monique his mother. His mother doesn't seem to care or pay attention to the way Jordan treats her children. Jordan is very abusive. He hollars, gets drunk, threats, and pushes his family around. Gerald doesn't care if he gets pushed around, he just wants to keep his little sister, Angel, safe from being abused and pushed around from, Jordan. His mother doesn't do anything about it. Gerald wants to find a way to keep Angel safe, and a way to report Jordan.
  • Jordan gets put away to prison.

    After putting up with alot of Jordans abuse, Gerald reports him to his friend Rob's dad. His dad listens, and helps him out, and reports Jordan. Jordan is sent away to prison, and Gerald feels his family is safe, but his mother is not happy with him. Angel does well.
  • Jordan gets out of prison.

    Gerald, and his fmaily have been doing well. Gerald comes home and finds Jordan in his house. Jordan does not touch Angel while living there. The house didn't feel the same anymore. Gerald wouldn't let Jordan alone with Angel, he would keep Angel safe.
  • Monique gets hurt.

    When Geralds mother gets hurt by a car, she is alot different. Jordan has been feeding her a different type of pain killer. She gets addicted to it, and drinks beer with it. Angel and Gerald change the beer to water, and the pills to vitamins. Monique gets a little better.
  • Geralds friend died, and Jordan gets abusive again.

    Rob's was in a car accident with his friends, but he was the only one that died. Gerald decided not to go out with his friends that night so he went home. Gerald keeps an eye on Angel still so she won't get touched by Jordan. Jordan starts drinking again, and slaps Monique and hit Gerald.
  • Gerald comes home to a fire.

    When Gerald gets home, he smells fire. When he goes to the back room he see's Angel laying down unconcious and Jordan is at the end of the bed. Monique is at work, and Gerald and Jordan fight.
  • After the fight and fire with Jordan and Gerald.

    Jordan died in the fire. Gerald got Angel out of the house. Monique was sad about the death, and a little mad. But Gerald thought of it as an awakening to the future, he knew things would be good for now on..