By kheira
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald is born

  • F. Scott Fitzgerald joins the Army

    F. Scott Fitzgerald joins the Army
  • Fitzgerald gets assigned to camp Sheridan

    Fitzgerald gets assigned to camp Sheridan
    this is where he would meet his future wife Zelda sayer.
  • Fitzgerald is discharged from the army

  • F. Scott Fitzgerald becomes a more popular author

    establishes himself as an author in many popular magazines such as the Saturday evening post.
  • Fitzgerald attempts to write for Broadway

    after moving to long island to be closer to broadway his play the vegetable fails and causes debt.
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald writes the great gatsby

    while staying in France Fitzgerald wrote "The great Gatsby" and would revise it in Rome in 1924-1925.
  • Zelda Fitzgerald has a breakdown

    Zelda suffered her first breakdown and was treated in Switzerland until 1931.
  • Zelda Relapses

    Zelda Relapses
    Zelda relapses causing her to seek treatment in Baltimore.
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald releases his 4th novel

    "Tender is the Night" which is about the deterioration of the relationship between a psychiatrist and his patient.
  • Suffering with alcoholism

    between 1936 to 1937 Fitzgerald suffers from alcoholism and couldn't maintain a home for his daughter.
  • Moving to Hollywood

    Fitzgerald moves to Hollywood alone to pursue screen writing for MGN studios and later as a script writer.
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald dies

    F. Scott Fitzgerald dies
    Fitzgerald dies at the age of 44 due to a heart attach
  • The Great Gatsby get revived

    the rivival of th egreat gatsby gets a revival of interest
  • Modern day

    Modern day
    Today F. Scott Fitzgerald is a well know author admired for his work