First 3 Years Of WWII

By 90yllib
  • Germany Invades Czechoslovakia

    Germany Invades Czechoslovakia
    When Germany invaded Czechoslovakia, the Union of Nations did not try to stop them from doing it. They didn't even punish them from breaking the Treaty of Versailles. This made the Nazis think they could do whatever they wanted.
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    The First 3 Years OF WWII

  • The Soviet-Nazi Pact

    The Soviet-Nazi Pact
    Hitler made a pact with the Soviets because he knew that there was going to be war and did not want two fronts. It was a non-aggression pact under which the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany each pledged to remain neutral in the event that either nation were attacked by a third party.
  • The Invasion Of Poland

    The Invasion Of Poland
    This was the first event of World War Two. This is because once the Nazis invaded Poland the Union of Nations decided to do something about it and help out.
  • The Phoney War (Sitzkrieg)

    The Phoney War (Sitzkrieg)
    This was a time period between when Britain declared war on Germany and when Germany invaded France. In this time period nothing happened on land, but there were many battles on water.
  • Canada Enters The War

    Canada Enters The War
    This was the first time Canada declaired war on their own. Britain did not tell them to go to war, unlike in World War One. Although the first battle Canada was involved in was given by Britain.
  • The Invasion of Norway, Denmark, Holland, and Belgium

    The Invasion of Norway, Denmark, Holland, and Belgium
    Once Germany had invaded all of these countries the world started to understand that Germany now had taken over much of Europe. If nothing was done Germany could have taken over all of Europe.
  • The Invasion Of France

    The Invasion Of France
    The Nazis sarted to invade France and did successfully. The Nazis used armoured units to push through the Ardennes, to cut off and surround the Allied units that had advanced into Belgium.
  • The Miracle At Dunkirk

    The Miracle At Dunkirk
    Because the Nazis had surrounded Belgium the French, British and Belgium units were trapped and very shorthanded at the battle of Dunkirk. Miraculously, hundreds of thousands of these trapped soldier were saved becasue of the boats that had come to the shore of Dunkirk Beach.
  • The Fall Of France

    The Fall Of France
    Frances capital of Paris had been occupied by Nazi soldiers on the 14th. The leaders of France then asked for an armistance which was signed by both France and Germany on the 22nd. By doing this France showed the world that they were giving up their war effort.
  • The Battle Of Britain

    The Battle Of Britain
    Germany decided to start attacking the biggest empire in the world at the time. They did this by bombing Britain to try and get them to surrender just like France did. Although the Brits did not surrender to the Nazis .
  • Operation Barbarossa

    Operation Barbarossa
    Operation Barbarossa was the codename for Germanys attack on the Soviets. The Nazis decied to break the Pact they had with the Soviets, so that they would be able to extend their empire even farther.
  • The Attack On Pearl Harbour

    The Attack On Pearl Harbour
    This was a surprise that the United States had not expected. The Japanese empire, intent on being in command of the Pacific bombed and destroyed the United States naval base on Pearl Harbour, killing many people.
  • The Nazi Occupation Of Europe

    The Nazi Occupation Of Europe
    This is a map showing the land occupied by Nazi Germany in 1942. The land that they control is red while the allies land is shown in white. As you can see Nazi Germany had control of most of Europe. (The date of this map is not actually January 1st)