Film History Timeline

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  • 1890 hit film

    The film L'Arroseur arrosé was the first film to complete a story.
  • 1905 - Nickelodeon

    The first theater was Nickelodeon which was 5 cents per ticket.
  • 1915 Nickelodeon charges more for addmission

    In 1915 Nickelodeon charged more for admissions. It was a first step towards movie theaters that we know today.
  • 1920 Movies are becoming longer

    In the 1920's movies were starting to become longer than a minute.
  • 1933 Drive in movie theater

    In 1933 drive in movie theaters were starting to become a thing
  • 1948 all movies coming into theaters

    Antitrust laws force Hollywood studios to de-couple from the movie theaters which meant that all movie genres were coming into theaters.
  • 1952 big movie screen

    In 1952 movies started to display on large screens.
  • 1968 motion picture rating

    In 1968 Motion picture ratings were introduced in 1968, with G, PG, R and X. PG-13 came significantly later.
  • 1976 The steadycam

    The first steadycam happened in the Rocky movie
  • 1980 Friday the 13th

    The movie "Friday the 13th" was the longest running, most prolific and financially-successful horror film
  • 1999 digital projectors

    Digital projectors were unveiled to the public.
  • 2003 3D films

    3D films were starting to grow popularity in the early 2000's.