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  • The first "Film" ever made

    The first "Film" ever made
    Eadweard Muybridge ad his friends made a bet on whether or not a horse could have all four feet off the ground while galloping at the same point in time. To prove this theory, they set up tripwires that triggered cameras to take photos of the horse while it was moving. They then used the multiple pictures to create movement of the horse. This led to Eadweard creating the Zoopraxiscope.
  • The Kodak Camera is created

    The Kodak Camera is created
    The Kodak camera was invented and marketed by George Eastman. The Kodak camera was a simple box that came loaded with a 100-exposure roll of film. When the roll was finished, the entire machine was sent back to New York where it was reloaded and sent back to the customer.
  • The first movie is made

    The first movie is made
    The Roundhouse Garden Scene is the earliest surviving motion-picture film. The short film was directed by French inventor Louis Le Prince. Even though the film is only 2.11 seconds, it's still considered a movie.
  • The "First Action Movie"

    The "First Action Movie"
    The "Great Train Robbery" is considered to be the first action film in film history. The film was made by Edwin S. Porter. The film depicts the robbery, the formation of a posse, and the pursuit and elimination of gunmen.
  • The Relocation of the American film industry

    The Relocation of the American film industry
    By 1912, the relocation of many film industries from New York moved to California. That was the beginning of what we now call Hollywood. The relocation happened because Thomas Edisons motion picture company would often sue other film makers in the area.
  • Warner Bros. is founded

    Warner Bros. is founded
    Warner Bros. established in 1923 in Hollywood. The company went on to create major films and other entertainment. Warner Bros. is one of the first major film companies to ever be created.
  • The first film with sound is made

    The first film with sound is made
    The "Jazz Singer" was the first film made with sound. The sound was made from a Vitaphone. Most films after this would use sound in most of their films.
  • Technicolor

    The Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind were both some of the first films to implement color. Color became a standard for most films after that. The first technicolor film was made in 1935.
  • First colored televised broadcast

    First colored televised broadcast
    The first televised broadcast appeared in 1953. The first scheduled colored TV show appeared on CBS.
  • The rise of CGI

    The rise of CGI
    In 1973, the first film that used CGI was created. The film that used CGI was called Westworld. Soon after, many films began to use CGI to incorporate unknown objects.
  • Blockbuster era

    Blockbuster era
    The success of Jaws brought forward the beginning of the Blockbuster era. Big films began showing box office success. Films even began to incorporate CGI into their films.
  • The first "Star Wars" film

    The first "Star Wars" film
    Star Wars:Episode 1 was released in 1999. This was the beginning of one of the best movie franchises of all time and paved the way of futuristic CGI. The film also had a big influence in the box office.