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FFA Timeline. Lafe Doughty

By Lafe97
  • Smith-Hughes Act

    The Smith-Hughes Act was signed. Which created vocational agriculture classes throughout the country.
  • Henry Gloseclose

    Henry Gloseclose formed the Future Farmers Of Virginia.
  • FFC

    The FFC formed the first boys Agriculture Club in Virginia.
  • FFA Formed

    Delegates from 33 states met up, and created the FFA.
  • Official Colors Adopted

    The FFA colors were adopted. Blue, and gold.
  • FFA Creed

    The FFA creed was adopted.
  • Public Speaking Event

    The first National Speaking event was held.
  • FFA Jacket

    The blue corduroy jacket made the official FFA wear.
  • New Farmers of America

    The NFC is founded.
  • FFA Headquarters Land

    FFA purchased land to build its first national headquarters.
  • National FFA Foundation

    The National FFA Foundation is founded.
  • National Proficency Award

    The first National Proficency Award presented.
  • FFA Band

    The first National FFA Band preforms at the national convention.
  • International Exchange Program

    The FFA International Exchange Program is founded.
  • FFA Laws

    The National law 105-225 is passed, making FFA avalible to all schools.
  • Code Of Ethics

    The FFA adopts its own code of ethics.
  • FFA Magazine

    The FFA creates its first magazine "New Horizons".
  • FFA Stamp

    The first commerative FFA stamp is issued.
  • FFA Center, Virginia

    The first FFA center in Virginia is dedicated in Alexandria, Virginia.
  • FFA and NFA

    The FFA and NFA have a merger to combine the organizations.
  • First Career Showing

    The first career showing at the National FFA convention.
  • First Female Member

    The first female member of the FFA is brought into the organization.
  • First FFA Alumni

    The first FFA Alumni is founded.
  • FFA Handbook

    The first FFA handbook is published.
  • FFA Foundation Site

    The FFA foundation site is sighted.
  • Exemportanous Speaking

    The first exemportanous speaking event is held.
  • Guam, and the Vigin Islands

    Guam and the Virgin Islands are included in the FFA program.
  • H.O Sargent Award

    The H.O Sargent award is presented.
  • Enterpunership Award

    The first award is presented.
  • New FFA Center

    Ground is broke is on the FFA center in Kentucky.
  • 1st Creed Speaking Event

    The first FFA Creed speaking event was held.
  • Discovery Degree

    The Discovery Degree became first avaliable to members.