FFA Timeline

  • Smith-Hughes Act

    Smith-Hughes Act
    The Smith-Hughes Act provided funding for states to allow vocational education courses.
  • Future Farmers of Virgina

    Future Farmers of Virgina
    Virginia Tech teachers met to discuss an organization for boys in agriculture classes, the Future Farmers of Virginia organization was proposed.
  • FFA established

    FFA established
    Future Farmers of America was established in Kansas City, MO. The first convention had 33 delegates from 18 states and Leslie Applegate was the first president.
  • National FFA Creed

    National FFA Creed
    The official National FFA Creed was adopted at the 3rd National FFA Covention, it was written by EM Tiffany.
  • First Official Dress Adopted

    First Official Dress Adopted
    Members must wear appropriate skirt, pants, shirts, scarf, jacket, and ties.
  • National FFA Camp

    National FFA Camp
    In Alexandria, VA 28.5 acres of land was purchased to be used as the National FFA camp. This land was once owned by George Washington.
  • FFA Foundation

    FFA Foundation
    THe FFA Foundation is founded to raise money for FFA programs and activities. Money is donated frim businesses, industries, government, individuals and sponsers.
  • FFA Band

    FFA Band
    The first FFA Band performs at the National FFA convention.
  • Public Law 81-740

    Bill passed by the 81st Congress of the US granting FFA federal charter.
  • National Future Farmers Magazine

    National Future Farmers Magazine
    First issue of The National Future Farmers magazine published.
  • 25th Anniversary of FFA

    25th Anniversary of FFA
    US Post Office Department issues special postage stamps to celebrate the 25th anniversary of FFA.
  • Presidental Speech

    Presidental Speech
    President Dwight D Eisenhower becomes the first President to speak at the National FFA convention.
  • FFA National Agriculture Career Show

    FFA National Agriculture Career Show
    FFA National Agriculture Career Show is held at National FFA Convention to highlight education and career oppurtunities in agriculture.
  • FFA opens to girls

    FFA opens to girls
    Future Farmers of America opens membership to girls.
  • National FFA Alumni Association

    National FFA Alumni Association
    The National FFA Alumni Association chartered as an affiliate of NAaional FFA organization.
  • FFA changes name

    FFA changes name
    FFA changes its name to National FFA Organization. The Agriscience Students Recognization program is introduced.
  • Offical FFA website

    Offical FFA website
    The FFA creates its first official FFA Website.
  • Seeds Of Hope

    Seeds Of Hope
    National FFA launches Seeds of Hope campaign to rebuild Gulf Coast states' agriculture education and FFA program after Hurricane Katrina.
  • 40th Anniversary of FFA with women

    40th Anniversary of FFA with women
    FFA celebrates the 40th Anniversary of women being admitted into FFA.
  • 75th Anniversary of NFA

    75th Anniversary of NFA
    FFA celebrates the 75th anniversary of the founding of New Farmers of America.
  • National FFA Alumni Association Anniversary

    National FFA Alumni Association Anniversary
    The National FFA Alumni Association celebrates its 40th anniversary, in addition to FFA celebrating Native Americans at the 84th National FFA Convention.
  • Citation

    Official FFA Manual for the National Organization for Students of Vocational Agriculture. Alexandria, VA: Available from National FFA Supply Service, 1973. Print