FFA Major Events

  • Carley Cathemers Timeline

  • Congress Passed National Vocation Act

    Congress Passed National Vocation Act
    congress passed the National Vocation act or the Smith Hudges act witch created classes all through the country
  • First Boys Agriculture Club

    They opened the first boys agriculture club in virginia
  • Future Farmers of Virgina was formed

    Father of FFA or smith Hughes created the Future farmers of Virgina witch was a club for boys in virgina
  • First students in the National Livestalk Judging Show

    The first National livestalk judging show was heald in virginia at witch students could attened
  • 1st national FFA convention

    The 1st national FFA conventiom was held.
  • Formed the national FFA orginization

    18 delegates came to kansas and formed it
  • Adopted the offical colors

    The offical colors where chosen and adopted
    Blue to represent that it is a national cub and yellow/gold to repesent that corn is americas native plant
  • Official creed was adopted

    The Offical creed was adopted by the nation
  • 1st National FFA Public Speaking

    The SAE for public speaking had its first event
  • Blue Cordry Jacket was adopted

    The FFA adopted Blue Cordroy Jackets as the offical FFA dress
  • NFA was formed

    The New Farmers oF America was formed for African Americans
  • National FFA fondation

    The national FFA fondation was founded
  • Public Law 1945

    Makes FFA an offical part of the Education Program
  • First national FFA band

    They created the first FFA band at the national FFA convention
  • the New Farmer Magizine

    They made the first FFA maginze
  • FFA Code of Ethics

    The Code Of Ethics was adopted and the conducted themselves as respectful young adults
  • First stamp

    The first FFA stamp was made and issued in the US Post office
  • The dedication of the 1st national convention

    The 1st national convention was held in Alexandra Virgina
  • Creed was revised the first time

  • All races where allowed

    NFA and the FFA combinded allowing all races
  • Changed the magazine name

    They changed the name of the magizine
  • Females where allowed

    Women where allowed to join the club
  • First handbook

    They made the first student FFA handbook
  • changed the name

    They changed FFA into an agriculture class
  • the Creed was revised the second time

  • The where allowed to reach the highest degree

    The degree was availible to hights rank members