FFA History 1917-2011

  • Smith-Hughes Vactional Education Act

    Smith-Hughes Vactional Education Act
    Establishing agriculture classes in school
  • FFV

    Agriculture education teacher educators Henry Groseclose ('Father of FFA'), Harry Sanders, Walter Newman, and Edmund Magil organized the Future Farmers of Virgin.
  • First Convention

    First Convention
    Held at the American Royal in Kansas City, First National Congress of Vocational Agriculture Students and National Livestock Judging Contest.
  • Future Farners of Virgina

    Future Farners of Virgina
    H.O. Sargent and G.W. Owens wrote the First Constitution and Bylaws of the New Farmers of Virgins, which held its first state rally. Also the organization of Africa-American agriculture students.
  • Future Farmers of America born

    Future Farmers of America born
    The 1st FFA President was Leslie Applegate. First Natonal Convention was held in Kansa City and there was 33 members at the convention. First sectionalgathering of New Farmers state association.
  • Colors

    Natiponal Blue and Corn Gold were adopted as the official FFA Colors.
  • FFA

    Delegates Restricted Membership to only boys. Official Creed Adopted and also the Official Dress was adopted, which consisted of dark blue shirt, blue or white pants, blue cap, and yellow tie.
  • Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico
    Charter was granted.
  • FFA

    Blue corduroy jacket adopted as FFA Official Dress. Group of FFA Officers and members made a pilgramige to Washington D.C., where they were greeted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt at the White House.
  • NFA and FFA

    NFA and FFA
    Membership breaks 100,000 and the NFA ( New Farmers of America) which consisted of African-Americans was formed.
  • WLC

    Washinton Leadership Conference was held.
  • Early 1940's

    Early 1940's
    This was the time of the war, so membership rules changed so the Armed Force did not count againsted years of elgibility. Only award winners and delegates attended the convention. 138,548 FFA Members served in WWII.
  • Late 1940's

    Late 1940's
    Time to celebrate because 12,500 members attended the convention in '46; National Band performs and National FFA week in '47; and National FFA Chorus performs '48. Also a recorder setting year, members increased 238,269 to 260,300, 20th convention, and attendance was so high they had to use Army cots and were set up in convention hall.
  • Rhode Island

    Rhode Island
    Rhode Island FFA was established and FFA was put in every state.
  • President Harry Truman

    President Harry Truman
    Granted federal charter to FFA. Public law 740 giving FFA a Federal Charter. Staff memebers within U.S. Department server as the National FFA Advisor.
  • FFA Code of Ethics and magazine

    FFA Code of Ethics and magazine
    FFA Code of Ethics adopted and the First Issue of The National Future Farmer magazine publushed.
  • U.S. Postal Office Department

    U.S. Postal Office Department
    A special 3-cent postage stamp was used to mail first- class letters, celebrated the 25th Anniversary of Future Farmers of America. First stamp was released in Kansas City during the National FFA convention. President Dwight D. Eisenhower spoke at the convention and the membership of FFA was 363,369 members.
  • Joe Moore

    Joe Moore
    Joe Moore was the American Star Farmer award winner and was put on the cover of Times magazine.
  • National FFA Center

    National FFA Center
    Dedication of the National FFA Center in Alexandria, Virginia, which was once part of George Washington's estate. First National Leadership Training Coonference was held.
  • The Merge

    The Merge
    New Farmers of America (NFA) and Future Farmers of America (FFA) merged together and increased membership to 50,000. Dues were increased from 10-cents to 50-cents, allowing FFA members to get the The National Future Farmer magazine.
  • President Richard M. Nixon

    President Richard M. Nixon
    A month before Nixon was elected President, he spoke at the National FFA Convention.
  • FFA

    Membership was opened up to girls and in this same year, Ken Dunagan, was named the first National Star in Agribusiness. First FFA Washington Conference held.
  • FFA Alumni

    FFA Alumni
    National FFA Alumni Association founded.
  • Fred McClure

    Fred McClure
    From Texas was elected Natonal FFA secretary and the first African- American to hold a National FFA office.
  • Jimmy Carter

    Jimmy Carter
    Jimmy Carter,former Georgia governor and former FFA member, spoke at the National FFA Convention and then elected a year later to President of United States. First Student Handbook was published.
  • Julie Smiley

    Julie Smiley
    She was elected as National FFA vice president and she was the first girl to hold a Nationa FFA office. Alaska became the last of the 50 states to obtain an FFA Chapter.
  • National FFA Foundation

    National FFA Foundation
    Raised a $1 million in one year for the first time.
  • Jan Eberly

    Jan Eberly
    From California,becane the first female National FFA President.
  • Ag Ed Network

    Ag Ed Network
    Ag Ed Network, FFA computerized information service, was lauched. Also first FFA TV public serves announcement broadcast.
  • National FFA Convention

    National FFA Convention
    First national television satellite broadcasted of the National FFA Convention. Vice President George H.W. Bush spoke a the convention.
  • FFA Changed

    FFA Changed
    Future Farmers of America was changed to National FFA Organzation to reflect the growing diversity in the agriculture industry. FFA opened up to 7th and 8th graders. Agriscience Student Recognition Program introduced.
  • Magazine

    The National Futurer Farmers magazine changed to FFA New Horizon.
  • New Creed

    New Creed
    Delegates vote "no" to a new FFA Creed during the 63rd National FFA Convention.
  • FFA Chapters

    FFA Chapters
    Virgin Islands and Guam, along with 5 other chapters in Micronesia, chartered.
  • Corey Flournoy

    Corey Flournoy
    Elected National FFA President and the first African- American to hold national office and first urban student leader to hold this office,.
  • Convention Moves

    Convention Moves
    Convention moves from Kansas City to Louisville, Ky. Official Website of FFA, www.ffa.org, made its debut
  • Dedication

    New National FFA Center in Indianapolis and Agriculture Edcation National Headquarters in Alexandria, Virgina.
    National FFA Convention was held for the last time in Kansas City.
  • National FFA Convention

    National FFA Convention
    Held for the first time in Louisville, Ky. Michael Van Winkle won first National Creed Speaking event.
  • National Awards

    National Awards
    First National Star of Agriscience.
    National Star in Agriculture Placement.
  • 75th National FFA Convention

    75th National FFA Convention
    In Louville, Kenturcky, and 50th Time Capsule Opened
  • "Only Blue Will Do"

    "Only Blue Will Do"
    FFA Live on RFD-TV
  • Live Webcast

    Live Webcast
    77th National Convention
  • Seed of Hope

    Seed of Hope
    Program to Rebuilt the Gulf Coast after Katrina
    RFD-TV Donates $50,000
  • National FFA Convention

    National FFA Convention
    National FFA convention held in Indianapolis for the first time; 54,489 were in attendence
  • FFA

    FFA Membership exceeds the half- million mark with 500,823 members in 7,358 charpters
  • FFA Board of Directors

    FFA Board of Directors
    FFA board of directors made the decision to rotate the location of future national FFA conventions between Louisville and Indianapolis
  • FFA

    FFA celebrates 40 years of women in the organization
  • FFA

    FFA Celebrates the 75th anniversary of the founding of New Farmers of America
  • FFA

    National FFA Alumni Association celebrates its 40th anniversary.