Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa

  • Birth

    Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa was born on August 18, 1962, in Morelia, Mexico.
  • Period: to

    Served as Head of National Action Party (PAN) Youth Organization

  • Married Margarita Zavala

  • Period: to

    Appointed to Serve as Secretary-General for PAN

  • Period: to

    Appointed to Serve as President of PAN

  • Period: to

    Three Children are Born

    Calderón's wife gave birth to their three children: Luis Felipe, Juan Pabo, and Maria. All were 3 were born in this 6 year span.
  • Period: to

    Served as Leader of PAN in Chamber of Deputies

  • Graduated from Harvard University

    In 2000, Calderón graduated from Harvard University and received a Master's Degree in Public Administration.
  • Period: to

    Served as Secretary of Energy on Vicente Fox's Presidential Cabinet

  • Won PAN Nomination for Presidency

  • Won the Presidential Election of Mexico

    Calderón narrowly defeated Andrés Obrador to become the President of Mexico.
  • Federal Police Mobilized to Combat Drug Cartel Violence

    Calderón worked with Mexican Legislature to send thousands of heavily armed Federal Police Officers into the Michoacan, Juarez, and Sinoloa Districts of Mexico
  • Period: to

    Created Hundreds of New Foreign and Domestic Policies

    Calderón passsed policies to build hospitals, construct thousands of miles of roads, offer free healthcare to millions of uninsured Mexicans, and created an organization to protect victims of domestic violence.