Family History

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  • Immigration on grandmother's side

    The O'Moore family immigrated to America during the Potato Famine of Ireland. When they arrrived in America they dropped "O" from their name as to appear more American.The Snow family immigrated from England and the Jannusch family immigrated from Germany.
  • Immigration on grandfather's side

    The Vonkennect family immigrated from Normandy, France and settled in Fon du lac, Wisconsin. The Millers immigrated from Scotland.
  • Malatesta Line: Grandmother's side

    Grandmother Langer immigrated to America from Germany in 1923. They fled Germany due to increasing political unrest. They settled in Baltimore, Marland. All other family members remained iin Germany.
  • Malatesta Line: Grandfather's side

    Grandfather Joseph Malatesta immigrated from Italy in 1921. He was adult and wanted to become a successful entrepeneur in America.No other Malatesta family left Italy.
  • Birth of Juana Malatesta

    My parent was born in Hollywood, California.
  • Birth of Megan Miller

    My mom was born in Ft. Atkinson, Wisconsin.