Family History

  • Edward Doty Sets Sail on Mayflower

  • First Known Mention of the Name Fromke

  • Indians Kill John Tidd

  • James Hill Is Born

    James Hill is born on this date in Pennsylvania.
  • Period: to

    Life of James Hill

  • Boal Family Arrives from Northern Ireland

  • James Hill Marries Sarah Tidd

  • Hill Family Moves to Youngstown, Ohio

  • James Hill Dies

    James Hill dies at the age of 99 in Hardin County, Ohio.
  • George Martin Hill Dies

  • Fromke Family Arrives in US

    Albert and family arrive in New York.
  • Leslie Darling Is Born

    Leslie Warren Darling is born in Chicago to Jerome Harvey Darling and Jessica Warren.
  • Oscar Fromke Is Born

  • Leslie Darling Mortally Wounded

  • Jerome Harvey Darling Dies

  • Family Moves to Pacific Northwest