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F. Scott Fitzgerald

  • Birth of a great

    Birth of a great
    Scott Fitzgerald was born in St. Paul Minnesota.
  • Attends Newman

    Once he turned 15 his parents sent him to Newman school.
  • College

    Scott Fitzgerald attends the prestigious Princeton
  • In lists in the army

    He was on academic probation and decided to join the army
  • Writes first novel

    After joining the army he writes the romantic egotist
  • Meets Zelda

    When he was in Alabama he met Zelda
  • Publish The side of Paradise

    Publish The side of Paradise
    He publishes this book and it gave him fame
  • Marriage

    Scoot Fitzgerald Mary’s Zelda Sayre
  • Lonely child

    He was the first and only kid his parents had.
  • Daughter is born

    Scoot Fitzgerald has a baby girl named Frances
  • Writes 2nd novel

    His second novel was another great book by Fitzgerald.
  • Great Gatsby is written

    Great Gatsby is written
    Visited Rome in 1924 and wrote great gatsby
  • Return home

    Scoot Fitzgerald returned home during the Great Depression in America.
  • Death

    Scoot Fitzgerald dies of a fatal heart attack at 44 years
  • Last book published

    The book tycoon was released