F. Scott Fitzgerald

  • Birth

    Francis Scott fitzgerald was born to Edward and Molly Fitzgerald. He was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
  • Joined the Army

    Joined the Army
    He joined the army because he was put on academic probation. Since he was a failing student.
  • Met his wife

    Met his wife
    Fitzgerald met his future wife when he was at Camp Sheraton.
  • Camp Sheraton

    Fitzgerald was assigned to Camp Sheraton, which located near Montgomery, Alabama.
  • Quitting his job

    Quitting his job
    Fitzgerald quit his job to rewrite his novel as this side of Paradise. He also returned to Saint Paul, when he made this decision.
  • Officially starting

    Towards the end of 1919, Fitzgerald officially started his career. His story’s would be showcased on the Saturday night post.
  • Discharged

    Fitzgerald was discharged from the Army, he went to NewYork.
  • Proposal

    After this side of Paradise was published, Fitzgerald proposed to Zelda
  • Return to Saint Paul

    The fitzgerald’s moved back to Saint Paul, because of the birth of their child: Francis Scott Fitzgerald.
  • Broadway

    Fitzgerald’s moved to Great Neck Long Island. So Fitzgerald could be closer to Broadway.
  • Move to France

    Move to France
    He moved to France, in order to spark his creativity.
  • Great Gatsby

    Great Gatsby
    Fitzgerald published “ The Great Gatsby”, one year after moving to France.
  • Return to France

    Fitzgerald’s go back to Paris, in the spring.
  • Move to Hollywood

    Move to Hollywood
    Fitzgerald moved to Hollywood to work with MGM as a screen writer. Then he became a free lance script writer.
  • Death

    He died from a heart attack