Events and life of Ben Franklin

By Nick47
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    Bens life

  • Birthday

    Franklin was born in Boston, Massachussetts along with his 9 brothers and 7 sisters. Ben was the 15 child
  • Apprentice at printing shop

    Apprentice at printing shop
    Bens first job at a printing shop.By far the largest part of Franklin’s business was his newspaper, his almanacs, and government printing; but the next largest source of income was what today we call job printing.
  • Ben get's hitched

    Ben get's hitched
    He marries a woman named Deborah Rogers, He has three kids, two sons and a daughter named, Francis, Wiilliam, and Sarah.
  • First lending library

    First lending library
    Ben Franklin created the first lending library in the United Stated. The first library of its time and was a private library, and was located in Philadelphia
  • First American fire department

    First American fire department
    During the year of 1752 Franklin establishes the fire department. After a huge fire in Philadephia franklin created a fire brigade called the Union Fire Company with 30 volunteers. A few firefighters were George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin.
  • Franklin Stove

    Franklin Stove
    Franklin invented the franklin stove, it allowed people to warm there home less dangeruously and with also less wood.
  • Lightening Experiment

    Lightening Experiment
    Ben uses his kite to try and conduct electricy through the lightening. Due to the experiment he invented the lightening rod which helped buildings not catch on fire when getting struck by lightening. Also to prove that lightening is electricity
  • Hospital Help

    Hospital Help
    Raised money and establishing a hospital to help the sick in Pennsylvania. Became the first public hospital.
  • Join or Die

    Join or Die
    on this date Ben Franklin printed the wood cut image of a snake called Join or Die. First political cartoon published in the news paper. It can also be viewd as a basic map. Also because of it france and great britain argued over the extent of one anothers land holdings in the Americas.
  • Ben moves to london

    Ben moves to london
    Moves from hometown in Boston to London. Franklin first visites london to improve his working in the printing shop then about 30 years later he mvoes to london.
  • drafting and signing of declaration of ind

    drafting and signing of declaration of ind
    on july 4, 1776 Ben Franklin was one of the signers of the declaration of indepence, Also served on the commitee to draft decleration of independance. Went to France and as one of the three american commissioners to negotiate a treaty
  • Treaty of Alliance with France

    Treaty of Alliance with France
    Franklin signs the Treaty of Alliance with France which created a military alliance between the US and France against great Britain
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    Franklin signed the Treaty of Paris of 1783 which ended the American Revolutionary war, minor battles between the british continued for 2 years. Ben franklin represented the U.S along with John Adams and John Jay all of whom signed this treaty
  • Bifocals

    in 1784 Ben Franklin developed bifocal glasses. he was getting old and was having trouble seeing both up close and at a distance. getting tired of switcheng between two types of glasses, he devised a way to have both types of lenses fit to the frame.
  • Signing of Constitution

    Signing of Constitution
    Franklin signs the US constitution which basically created the government that we have today.
  • Bens death

    Bens death
    Died at the age of 84 from old age in his sleep, he funeral was also held in Philadelphia which also attracted the largest crowd of mourners(20,000)