european theatre by samuel kiser

  • Battle of the Atlantic

    Battle between the Axis Powers and the Allies. The Axis Powers tried to stop the Americans from trading and aiding Great Britain and other Allied powers. German used groups of U-boats for control, called a wolf pack, but they were spotted by aircraft and radar. This all took place in the Atlantic Ocean, mostly off of the European coast.
  • Battle of Britain

    This battle took place completely in the air above Britain between the Luftwaffe and the Royal Air Force. The Luftwaffe targeted RAF airfields and infrastructure along with convoys traveling from the Americas. Britain held on to the air superiority and prevented Hitler from making an all out attack against Great Britain in the future.
  • Battle of Stalingrad

    Battle between Soviet Union and the invading Germans. When spring arrived, the Germans attacked. Stalingrad was a major industry center on the Volga River. A bloody war where the Soviets would not surrender the city. This marked teh beggining of Germany's collapse in Soviet territory.
  • Battle of El Alamein, Egypt

    This battle took place near the Egyptian railway halt of El Alamein where the Allies were victorious over the Axis Powers. It was a turning point of the Western Desert Campaign and in World War II. The Allies were successful in defending the Suez Canal, which the Axis wanted access to Middle Eastern and Persian oil fields via North Africa.
  • Operation Torch

    These series of battles between the United States and Germany were the first action in WWII for the Americans. Taking place in the Sahara Desert in Northern Africa, the weather was extremely hot. Some 20,000 Americans died in the desert in the 6 months of fighting, but they helped defeat Rommel's forces.
  • Invasion of Sicily/Italy

    This invasion into Italy through Sicily started the attack towards returning Europe from Nazi control. The Allies rushed through Axis Powers in Sicily and gave the Italians the choice of life or to stay loyal to Hitler and Mussolini. They chose life and turned against Hitler and Mussolini, making it easier for Allied advancement. Helping in Italy was the Tuskagee Airmen, an African American support squadron.
  • Operation Overlord

    A massive plan to ivade France, Operation Overlord was a huge battle between the 3.5 million Allies and the Germans. The battle took place on the northern coast of Normandy. This was the first step for the Allies to start their way towards France and Paris. An estimated 10,000 Allies died, however nearly 1 million soldiers landed on the beach along with 180,000 vehicles.
  • Battle of the Bulge

    This batlle was the last German offensive of the war. It came as a surprise to the Allies as they thought the war was over. The Germans were trying to recover land they had just lost to the Americans. The American defense held as more reinforcements arrived to push the Germans back.
  • Hitler Commits Suicide

    Hitler commited suicide because his plans were'nt working out and he was scared of being captured. He died with his 2 day wife and their dog after hearing that Russians would be in the city within a day or so. He swollowed Cyanide Capsules along with his wife before shooting himself with his service pistol for good measure.
  • VE Day!!

    VE Day was the day that the Allies accepted the surrender of the German Nazis, ending World War II. Germany was completely surrounded by Allies and had no choice but to give up. People celebrated the fall of the Nazis.