Ernest nagel

Ernest Nagel/ Nov 16,1901- Sept 20,1985

  • Born

    Ernest Nagel was born on 16 November 1901 in Nove Mesto, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary
  • Nagel's Doctorate

    Earned his Doctorate from Columbia University. He then became apart of the faculty for philosophy at Columbia. He spent his entire academic career there. During his time at Columbia, he was and editor for the Journals of Philosophy and Journals of Symbolic Logic.
  • An Introduction to Logic and the Scientific Method

    An Introduction to Logic and the Scientific Method
    Nagel published his first book which he collaborated with Morris Cohen, “An Introduction to Logic and the Scientific Method.” This textbook became one of his first and most successful books in the topic of scientific methods. An Introduction to Logic and the Scientific Method, “explored the study of empirical science through experimentation, emphasizing the role of hypotheses in conducting research” (Ernest Nagel).
  • Presidential Address

    Earnest Nagel did a presidential address at the annual meeting of the Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Association. During this address he defined naturalism as “ a generalized account of the cosmic scheme and of man's place in it, as well as a logic of inquiry" (Ernest Nagel).
  • The Structure of Science

    The Structure of Science
    Nagel published his most well-known book The Structure of Science. This book instituted the field of analytic philosophy of science. Nagel proposed that using bridge laws (statements that link concepts) between sciences allows for a more basic understanding. Nagel showed that “the same logic of scientific explanation was valid in all science” (Ernest Nagel).
  • Logic Computers, Minds, and Machines

  • Determinism & Human Action Dr. Nagel "argues that there is no incompatibility between free will and casual determinism" (Determinism & Human Action).
  • Death

    Ernest Nagel died on 20 September 1985 in New York City, New York