Energy Timeline

  • "Electricity" Coined

    "Electricity" Coined
    Originating from the Greek word for amber, elektron. William Gilbert found that when some objects rubbed together, they attracted others.
  • Coal Discovered

    Coal Discovered
    Louis Joliet first mapped coal in the United States along the Illinois River.
  • Electricity Proven

    Electricity Proven
    Benjamin Franklin tied a key to a kite and proved that lightning and electricity were one and the same.
  • Battery Invented

    Battery Invented
    Alessandro Volta invented the first electric battery and the term "volt" was named in his honor.
  • Natural Gas Street Lamps

    Natural Gas Street Lamps
    Natural gas was used to fuel street lamps in Baltimore.
  • First Lightbulb Invented

    First Lightbulb Invented
    Thomas Edison made a bulb that could run for 40 hours, after many experiments. Just a year later, he made one that could run for 1200 hours.
  • Tesla Coils

    Tesla Coils
    Nikola Tesla invented Tesla coils, which could change electricity from low to high voltages, allowing it to travel longer distances.
  • Wind Turbines

    Wind Turbines
    Charles Brush used a large windmill to generate electricity in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • The Manhattan Project

    The Manhattan Project
    The Manhattan Project was formed to secretly build an atomic bomb. Influenced greatly by Albert Einsteins equation E=mc^2 or Energy equals mass times the speed of light, squared. This equation showed how to create large amounts of energy from small mass.
  • Commercial Nuclear Energy

    Commercial Nuclear Energy
    Power was first generated from a commercial power plant in Santa Susana, California.