Energy Timeline

  • First man to use Static Electricity

    First man to use Static Electricity
    Guericke created a machine that could produce static electricity which would enable scientists to experiment with this new found electricity.
  • First Electric battery

    First Electric battery
    In 1800 Alessandro Volta developed the first electric battery.
  • Street Lights in Maryland

    Street Lights in Maryland
    It became the first city in the country to light a street light that was using gas made from coal.
  • Magnetic Induction discovered

    Magnetic Induction discovered
    In 1831 Michael Faraday discovered magnetic induction. The work Faraday did in his experiments is probably among the most important and led to many advances in the understanding and use of electricity.
  • Oil discovered by Edwin Drake

    Oil discovered by Edwin Drake
    In 1859, Edwin Drake drilled for oil in Titusville, Pennsylvania.
  • The Lightbulb

    The Lightbulb
    Thomas Edison created the first successful lightbulb.
  • First hydroelectric dam

    First hydroelectric dam
    The first hydroelectric dam began operating in the United States.
  • First Geothermal Plant

    First Geothermal Plant
    John D. Grant drills a well near San Francisco and builds the first geothermal power plant in the United States.
  • Megawatt Wind turbine

    Megawatt Wind turbine
    The wind turbine was installed in Vermont. It had the capability of producing 1.25 megawatts.
  • First Solar Cells

    First Solar Cells
    Researchers invented first solar cells capable of harnessing the sun's energy. The cells could convert sunlight directly into electricity.